Antonio del Rosario

Photographer. Creative Director. Energizer Bunny.

Focusing on portrait and fashion, his style of photography is constantly evolving. He has a natural inclination for capturing moments as opposed to posing them, and is able to fuse that with his understanding of current trends in order to produce the kind of genuine content that brands want. He strives for authenticity in all that he does. With unparalleled energy on set, Tonio has an uncanny talent for keeping spirits high through long days of production.

Tonio’s work as a Video Director for digital content and on-ground activations stems from a knack for bringing out candid reactions in people. His early work includes 2014 Quill Award winners “Drop 600” for Smart Communications, Inc. and “Towning Around” for Alabang Town Center.

P.S. Batteries not included.

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